24h Self Storage Greencastle, IN

We offer a wide range of storage units, temperature-controlled storage and exceptional security.

Pay bills, rent units, even unlock doors with Your Smartphone.  Download our app & Input the number 128 to access our info


[fancyheading fancy_style=”v2″ heading=”h2″ headingcolor=”#323132″  title=”SAFE KEEPING STORAGE BENEFITS” subtitle=”Value, Convenience, Security and Services”]

[iconbox icon_type=”peicon” style=”style1″ align=”center” peicon=”pe-7s-pendrive pe-5x” icon_color=”#7f8c8d” title=”Digital Goods” animation=”fadeInUp”]Store your digital goods like tv, cabinets, monitors, printers etc.[/iconbox]

[iconbox icon_type=”peicon” style=”style1″ align=”center” peicon=”pe-7s-clock pe-5x” icon_color=”#2ecc71″ title=”24/7 Units Available” animation=”fadeInUp”]We are available round the clock for you anytime and will service better.[/iconbox]

[iconbox icon_type=”peicon” style=”style1″ align=”center” peicon=”pe-7s-umbrella pe-5x” icon_color=”#3498db” title=”Home Storage” animation=”fadeInUp”]Store easlily all your home needs products and small home appliances.[/iconbox]

[iconbox icon_type=”peicon” style=”style1″ align=”center” peicon=”pe-7s-wine pe-5x” icon_color=”#34495e” title=”Wine Storage” animation=”fadeInUp”]Store your wines for years and have a good taste after years.[/iconbox]